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Ya know those women who always seem to stay fit?

We're here to teach you what they know.

(minus the struggle!)

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Meet Sydney!

After spending years working in the health and wellness industry, I created Fit Girl Habits because I was noticing a common theme amongst many of my girlfriends when it came to their health and fitness…. Many of them struggled to MAINTAIN it. I’ve watched so many gals get amped up about their fitness goals... And they may even get AMAZING results when they first hop in! But then… something changes. They lose their motivation, become inconsistent with their healthy habits, and slowly begin to inch backwards…. right. to. where. they. started. It doesn't have to be this way, sister!

Fitness doesn't have to be frustrating, my friend.

FGH believes that when we keep fitness SIMPLE, it’s easier to create HABITS that don’t feel monotonous and tiring. And when we can create HABITS that become a part of our everyday life, we can stay fit without even thinking about it.

what they’re saying

"I am the healthiest me I have ever been!" - Mikayla, 23

"Sydney's training has changed my lifestyle! I've never been healthier or happier! I have gained a more powerful body, clearer and more focused mind, and I've grown stronger in my faith. I used to think I didn't have time to workout... but Syd helped me prioritize and understand that these things will make a happier me!" - Anna, 24

"I am so grateful to have found Sydney and a program that feels very doable for this stage of life! The strength and confidence I’ve gained is immeasurable." - Jamie, 31

Fit Girl Habits Program

If you're constantly feeling like you're taking one step forward and two steps back in your fitness... this is for you! Learn simple + applicable habits that'll not only GET but KEEP you fit for life!